Salesforce Org Data Migrations

According to the Salesforce help page, you should use dataloader to transport data from one org to another. This means exporting all your data to CSV files, manually editing the relationships in Excel, and then figuring out the correct order in which to import these files with dataloader. Maybe you even have to revisit your excel files if some records reference one another in bi-directional relationships.

Ough, this process is tedious and time consuming. It can wreak havoc if the user slips with the mouse in Excel and introduces wrong relationships everywhere and you might have to start anew.

Frankly, it hurts reading that help page and being advised to use dataloader. What if you have an enterprise org with 100 custom objects and complex relationships between them? The data migration is then going to be at least a big user story, maybe even a whole project.

Maybe your developers are smart and write a tool to migrate the data. This will probably take a few weeks of development and QA – and it won’t be general purpose.

It’s easier, faster and cheaper to use helpful sync. And it won’t nearly stress you as much.

A sync is completed successfully

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