Data Synchronization between Salesforce Organizations

Sometimes a data set in a Salesforce Organization has to be distributed to other Organizations or Sandboxes. When the original data set changes, the re-distribution should ideally happen automatically, without involving any manual labor.

With helpful sync you can design your data set and schedule it to be synchronized in the desired interval, which can be as low as once per minute.

Defining a schedule with helpful sync

In order to define a schedule, just visit the “Schedules”-tab for your sync. You will be able to set a so called “cron expression”, which defines how often and when exactly your sync will run. Cron has been around for ages and most developers will be familiar with the creation of such expressions. But it’s not really difficult, with the help of websites like crontab anyone can create the necessary expression.

That’s all there is to it. Once saved and marked active, your sync will be scheduled and run regularly.

Bi-directional Synchronization

If you need a bi-directional data synchronization between your organizations, you can set up a second sync and schedule that accordingly. Now your data will be sent back and forth and be updated on both orgs if it changes on one 🙂

If you need help setting up a data synchronization with helpful sync, don’t hesitate to contact us via Email or on our Discord Server.